Gamebox Internal Memory Access

Its now possible to connect the gamebox to the computer via usb using only the gamebox and a USB cable no AC or RGB
needed or it wont work.
Simply Plug the gamebox into the PC via USB and quickly press and hold L1+R1+Right and wait for it to install the Driver once installed it comes up like a pen drive and you can Access the internal memory for deleting and putting Games on the gamebox,There`s three folders GAMES,IMAGES,SYSTEM…check dingoonity forums under other Systems for more….

So, after researches, it`s clear that new Gameboxes have a new firmware that can read other files in Micro SD card. The new firmware is V1.0Build85b. Oldest ones is V1.0Build7c1.

It`s a shame that the site does not have the upgraded firmware for the older ones. They even don`t give any responce when we contact them by e-mail


It’s a new console from Hong Kong that’s promising much more than the third party video games we’re used to. Does it deliver?

See videos earlier by going to my website! They’re posted there first!



Shoot ’em up action now with this great Neo Geo Shmup. Before i attempt playing the new Deathsmiles game, i thought i’d ease into it by playing some older classics.

Turns out i need a bit more pratice!

It is a linux based device (kinda like a Dingoo) running a dual core 500Mhz CPU and only costs about 48 USD. Almost too good to be true right?

Well not really if you look at the price per game!
I am actually quite impressed with it despite a couple of flaws. The controller is actually quite nice. There’s no way to run other games than the ones installed on it though. Even though the manual sort of hints at Gameboy advance games through some sort of Gameboy Advcance-like cartridge.

There is a MicroSD slot but I have yet to try that out.

Metroid Zero Mission (GBA)
Mario Kart (GBA)
1941 – Counter Attack (CPS1)
Three Wonders (CPS1)
Blue’s Journey (Neo Geo)
Baseball Stars 2 (Neo Geo)
Burning Fight (Neo Geo)
Captain Commando (CPS1)
Carrier Air Wing (CPS1)
Capcom World 2 (CPS1)
Cyber-Lip (Neo Geo)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (CPS1)
Dynasty Wars (CPS1)
Football Frenzy (Neo Geo)
Final Fight (CPS1)
Forgotten Worlds (CPS1)
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Neo Geo)
Ghouls’n Ghosts (CPS1)
Goal! Goal! Goal! (Neo Geo)
Knights of the Round (CPS1)
The King of Dragons (CPS1)
The King of Fighters 97(Neo Geo)
The King of Fighters ?(Neo Geo)
Knights of Valour (MAME)
Last Resort (Neo Geo)
Mahjong Kyoretsuden (Neo Geo)
Muscle Bomber Duo – Ultimate Team Battle (CPS1)
Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS1)
Mercs (CPS1)
Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo)
Metal Slug 5 (Neo Geo)
Metal Slug X (Neo Geo)
Magic Sword – Heroic Fantasy (CPS1)
Mega Twins (CPS1)
Mutation Nation (Neo Geo)
NAM-1975 (Neo Geo)
Ninja Commando (Neo Geo)
Nemo (CPS1)
Neo Geo Cup ’98: The Road to the Victory (Neo Geo)
Neo Drift Out: New Technology (Neo Geo)
Oriental Legend (MAME)
Pang! 3 (CPS1)
Pleasure Goal (Neo Geo)
Pnickies (CPS1)
Pulstar (Neo Geo)
The Punisher (CPS1)
Quiz and Dragons (CPS1)
Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban (CPS1)
Strikers 1945 Plus (Neo Geo)
Samurai Shodown V (Neo Geo)
Street Fighter II – The World Warrior (CPS1)
Street Fighter II – Champion Edition (CPS1)
Street Fighter II Turbo – Hyper Fighting (CPS1)
Lansquenet (Neo Geo)
Saturday Night Slam Masters (CPS1)
Super Sidekicks (Neo Geo)
Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory (Neo Geo)
Super Sidekicks 4: The Ultimate 11 (Neo Geo)
Strider (CPS1)
SNK Vs. CAPCOM Super Plus (Neo Geo)
Top Player’s Golf (Neo Geo)
Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo)
Tecmo World Soccer ’96 (Neo Geo)
U.N. Squadron (CPS1)
Varth – Operation Thunderstorm (CPS1)
Willow (CPS1)
Warriors of Fate (CPS1)
Zed Blade (Neo Geo)

has some great news for the gamebox

Well everyone, it’s early days yet, and he has plenty to do, so there are no promises or anything like that, but these comments and response on Booboo’s Dingux blog are good news in my book:

Chui said…
Can I help you on anything? I am impatient for porting DCaSTaway, UAE4ALL and PSX4ALL. 😀
Btw, Some people are trying to hack GameBox/ArcadeBox:
It has a JZ4755 CPU, I suppose that it is a MIPS similar to Dingoo-A320.
Are you interested about port Dingux to GameBox when it can flash an alternative firmware?

March 1, 2011 11:38 AM

booboo said…

Just purchased one from DX. Let’s have a look at it… 

March 1, 2011 12:24 PM

new console the nd from bob from
it looks like its a indy console which will cost $10 and run 16 bit games.
I cant wait.

PSP/PSP2 DS/DSi/3DS iPhone Android Phone Dingoo Wiz/Caanoo nD
sold cheap no no no no no no yes
cheap to make no yes yes yes yes yes yes
app store no no yes yes sorta sorta yes
open app store no no no yes sorta sorta yes
open dev tools no no yes yes sorta sorta yes
buttons yes yes no no yes yes yes
wifi yes yes yes yes yes adapter yes
custom software/OS hack firmware expansion card jailbreak yes yes yes yes
openly brandable no no no sorta no no yes
touchscreen PSP2 yes yes yes no no no
active dev community hacked version no yes yes no no soon

another unpacking vid check it out

The ultimate King of Fighters game played on the humble Gamebox.